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Our Instructors & Senior Black Belts

Our Instructors have various amounts of experience learning this art in and out of Japan and are devoted to training in the Ninja and Samurai martial arts, thus attaining a certain level of expertise to qualify them as teachers.

Through ongoing testing and menkyo-licensing derived from Grandmaster Hatsumi Sensei alone, our staff continue daily to attain mastery in this martial art and enjoy sharing their skill and passing it on to their students.

Robert Fraser  (15th Degree Black Belt, (Kugyo Menkyo Kaiden) Shihan -Master Instructor)  Send E-mail to Robert Fraser
Shihan Fraser- Bugo- Warrior name- Shirowashi- White Eagle as given to him from Shihan Nagato and Hatsumi Sensei, has been studying Ninpo for 31 years. 18 years of that has been in Japan studying under Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, Manaka, Nagato, Noguchi, Nakadai, Someya, Oguri, Seno, and Shiraishi Shihans, and 10 years under Shihans Stephen K. Hayes, Bud Malmstrom, and Joseph Adriance. Shihan Fraser is the recipient of the Golden Dragon Medal from Hatsumi sensei as well for Character, Longevity, and Quality Taijutsu. Shihan Fraser brings a variety of unique training scenarios into the dojo. He has instructed Military and Civilian Police, Border Patrol Agents, Prison Guards, Security and Personal Protection Personnel, US Army Special Forces, and USN Seals. He continues to study in Japan at every opportunity with the Grandmaster and his Japanese Shihans.

Robert Fraser
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